‘To Apple, Love Taylor’

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‘To Apple, Love Taylor’

Yet again, Taylor Swift breaks the internet. This time, it’s because of a dispute with another streaming site. 

Just yesterday, Swift wrote a letter to Apple regarding their new streaming service and posted the letter to Tumblr. Taylor makes it clear that she is a strong supporter of Apple, however, is not at all on board with their decision to not pay royalties to artists and songwriters during their free 3-month trial period. In the letter, she calls the decision “shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive company.” She then announced that her latest album 1989 would not be on this platform until a change is made. The letter went viral and not long after, Eddy Cue, executive of iTunes and Apple’s new streaming service, confirmed this on Twitter, “I did let her know that we heard her concerns and made the change.” Wow! Talk about one powerful lady in the music industry.

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Hats off to Taylor!


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