Rock Star Going Country

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Rock Star Going Country

Steven Tyler the rock and roll star of Aerosmith has released a new music video going in a different direction than the past. Steven Tyler has not abandoned Rock but has more gone back to his roots to take a new step forward.

Tyler’s new single “Love Is Your Name” still showcases Steven’s flamboyant style of writing and clothing choices resulting in a country video and song that no artist could do like Steven Tyler.

The video starts with shots of the infamous Steven Tyler microphone draped with colorful scarves. The scarf is a symbol throughout the whole music video showing up in multiple scenes being pulled along by different people. There are multiple scenes throughout the video, one of a front porch of a shack that symbolizes his childhood. Tyler had grown up in a touring family band which he owned a pet raccoon.

Another scene has a beautiful young girl who trails the scarf along with her through town. She is dressed as a hippie and represents Tyler’s muse throughout his whole life. The song is very symbolic showing where Tyler life was as a child and now his life moving into a new direction of country music.

Another scene has a bunch of young friends and his band Loving Mary singing around a bon fire. Tyler looks very graceful as he dances around the fire, but in between the shots it was not as pleasant. People asked him about the video shoot and fire. “During the chorus, we had a big bonfire going. I burnt my eyebrows off, but it was worth it.” “We went through [the sequence] and the wind blew. The jacket I wore had little fur pieces on it and I could smell the burn on it. It blew the flames right at me!”

Tyler went fully country when he signed with Dot Records Label, a Big Machine Label Group a few months ago. Big Machine is home to some of the heavy hitter artist in Nashville including Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift.


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