Pivotal Moments in Music History: Four Stories That Changed the Course of Music Forever

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Pivotal Moments in Music History: Four Stories That Changed the Course of Music Forever

Every kind of music is influenced by what came before it. Trends come and go, and whatever’s popular at the moment gets copied and copied until someone comes out with something new and exciting. There are a couple pivotal points in music history that changed the way music is done and influence what type of music is created. Here are four of those pivotal points.

1. The Arrival of the Moonwalk

Before the moonwalk, musicians were for the most part seen as musicians first and performers second. Then Michael Jackson did the moonwalk. The move shocked audiences around the world. This one move became a legend, and it led to an age where musicians are known for their performances just as much as their music. It led to an entire age of performers who were skilled at dance and choreography.

2. Smells Like a Teen Spirit

Before this pivotal song came out, rock music was much a niche market. The radio was dominated by clean, pure sounds. “Smells Like a Teen Spirit” went against everything from pop music at the time. It brought heavy guitar riffs, grit, and edge that led the way for many other similar groups to hit the radio in the future.

3. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Seen as the emergence of Rock and Roll as a true form of art, “Sgt. Pepper” blew up in popular culture. Less than 3 days after the Beatles released it, Jimi Hendrix performed a cover of the song, launching it to new heights. The Beatles, of course, became astonishingly popular and since have fundamentally changed the kind of music we listen to.

 4. Bob Dylan Goes Electric

Bob Dylan started out as an acoustic folk artist, and built an impressive fanbase in that genre. Suddenly he started using an electric guitar. His music became much more popular by the widespread audience. He took a lot of heat for this though. Many of his fans called him a sellout, boo’d him at concerts, and walked out on him. But it had a tremendous influence on the music world.


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